Complaint procedure

We want you to have a positive experience and a good treatment outcome. We take great pride in our service delivery and if you are not happy - we would love the chance to rectify the issue causing you dissatisfaction. We promise to listen, treat you with respect and try to deal with your complaint appropriately and in a timely manner.

If you are unhappy with the standard of service 

If you feel you have received poor service from our team please click here to submit a complaint.

  • The Clinic Manager will acknowledge your complaint by email within in 2 working days of receipt.
  • The company will aim to investigate and resolve formal complaints within 20 days of receipt of the complaint.
  • If the complaint is not resolved within 20 days, we will send you a written update explaining the reason for the delay and a full response will be made within 5 working days of the conclusion of the process.

If you are unhappy with your treatment outcome

Has it been less than 2 weeks since your treatment? 


Please check your patient aftercare instructions. Are you experiencing an Adverse Reaction to your treatment i.e. a reaction that it outside the listed common side effects for that treatment?

If YES - then please call us immediately during opening hours and arrange an emergency review. When outside of our opening hours please visit your local A&E and inform us by email - we will follow up as soon as we open.

If NO - then please wait to discuss your concerns with your practitioner at your 2 week review. We need to allow 2 weeks for the full effect of the treatment to be visible and for any bruising, swelling and redness to resolve. Your practitioner can not make a full assessment of the final outcome, or retreat, until these 2 aspects have occurred. 

If NO:

Have you attended your review appointment and discussed your concern with your practitioner?

If NO: Please arrange a review appointment with the practitioner who treated you to discuss your concerns. If your practitioner agrees that your treatment outcome is not close to the agreed expectations at your consultation, then they will discuss with you how the situation can be improved. 

If YES: Please submit your complaint here and our Clinic Manager will be in touch to assist you. If you feel that you would prefer to initially discuss your complaint, in person, with the Clinic Manager - please call 0131 226 9610 and our team will arrange a meeting.

If after following our complaints procedure you are dissatisfied with the conclusion - you may contact Healthcare Improvement Scotland who will review your case.