EndyMed 3DEEP™ Radiofrequency

EndyMed 3DEEP™ radiofrequency technology uses focused RF to rejuvenate and create strong collagen and elastin fibers which result in tighter, smoother skin for all skin types.
This treatment is so popular we had to purchase a second machine to meet demand. That's because EndyMed, combined with our highly trained team, are achieving wonderful skin rejuvenation results with minimum discomfort and downtime.

EndyMed uses controlled, focused radiofrequency, through 3 distinct treatment methods, to stimulate your skin's natural rejuvenation process to achieve natural looking, and long lasting, results.

  • EndyMed TIGHTEN: Tightens mild skin laxity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face, jowls and neck.  
  • EndyMed INTENSIF: Deep dermal rejuvenation to redefine facial features by tackling deeper lines.
  • EndyMed SHAPER:  Firms and tightens loose skin on your body.

TIGHTEN's radiofrequency gently heats your dermal cells to rejuvenate existing collagen and produce new collagen. This improves the underlying structure of your skin for a skin tightening results which is most effective for:

Face and Neck

  • Tightens lax skin in your cheek, jowl and neck to smooth wrinkles.

Eye Contour

  • Tightens skin in the eye contour area, under the eye and above the brow to smooth wrinkles.


  • Tightens skin to correct loss of definition along the jawline and chin.

What happens in a treatment?

During a treatment the radiofrequency handpiece is continuously moved in circular movements over the treatment area. A gentle gel is used to aid the movement.  The focused radiofrequency energy heats your skin at the correct depth to contract existing collagen and stimulate the production of new collagen. The treatment feels like having a hot stone massage, so you should find it to be comfortable and relaxing. Immediately afterwards your skin will appear red, like a hot flush, and you will see an immediate tightening of your skin . You can return to work or social engagements after treatment.

However, this post treatment response only lasts up to 2 days. With subsequent, repeated treatments you will build the long lasting result as more collagen is produced. Full results are seen 3-4 months after a course of 6 treatments. Results can last 1-2 years depending upon your lifestyle and you can maintain your results with a top-up treatment every 3-6 months.

SHAPER is similar to TIGHTEN, but is designed for body areas. SHAPER is most effective at:

  • Firming and tightening loose skin folds on body areas like the tummy, flanks, bottom, décolleté, and upper arms.
  • It is good for helping patients who have lost weight, but who have been left with mild skin laxity.

What happens in a treatment?

This treatment is comfortable and relaxing, feeling similar to a hot stone massage. The SHAPER handpiece is continuously moved in circular movements over the body area. The focused heat, penetrates even deeper than TIGHTEN, in order to be effective on those problem body areas - by stimulating collagen production to improve the underlying structure of your body's skin.

It takes longer for the results to show on the body than on the face, so you won't see results immediately. Full results are seen 6 months, after a course of 6 treatments, which can last 1-2 years depending upon your lifestyle. You can maintain your results with top-up treatments every 3-6 months.

INTENSIF provides intensive, dermal rejuvenation by delivering a uniformly distributed radiofrequency deep into your skin’s dermis using tiny micro-needles. This combination treatment stimulates a dramatic response in your skin where the treated tissue, over time, is replaced with new, brighter healthier skin. INTENSIF is most effective when targeting:

What happens in a treatment?

This treatments requires a course of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

For comfort, a topical anesthetic is applied before your treatment. The INTENSIF handpiece will then be applied to your skin, and moved across the treatment area in a regular pattern. After treatment a soothing gel will be applied to your skin to aid recovery.

Immediately after treatment your skin will be red, warm and slightly swollen, which will resolve within 2 days. You may develop micro-crusting, which will resolve in 5 days.

You will start to see an improvement to your skin complexion and skin tightening after 14 days which will progressively improve with every treatment. Results can last 1-2 years depending upon your lifestyle and you can maintain your results with a top-up treatment every 6-9 months.

You can further improve your results with an advanced combination treatment, developed by our clinical director, using INTENSIF and PRP to deliver amazing improvements in ageing skin texture, tone and scar reduction.

Treatment Option £
TIGHTEN 1A (Tightens skin in the eye contour area and above the brow to smooth wrinkles.) 130
TIGHTEN 2A (Tightens skin to correct loss of definition along the jawline and chin.) 175
TIGHTEN 3A (Tightens lax skin in your face, jowl and neck to smooth wrinkles.) 220
SHAPER (Firm and tightening loose skin folds on body areas.) 130
INTENSIF Face and Neck 450
Consultation from 25


Becky Hymers

Becky Hymers

Winner of Aesthetician of the Year 2017 saw Becky recognised for her incredible skill as a laser expert for removing hair, pigmentation, tattoos and facial redness and as a STEREX Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner for treating skin blemishes.

Becky is also qualified in electrolysis and laser hair removal to assist in the transformation from male to female gender.

Becky takes great pride in helping our patients achieve radiant complexions though our wonderful medi-facials and manages to combine the science with a little pampering. 

Derna Hughes

Derna Hughes

Winner of Aesthetician of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic and The Herald LOOK Awards is confirmation of Derna's expertise in laser and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

Derna is a qualified STEREX Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner in the treatment of hair removal and skin blemishes, and has recently achieved Level 4 of VTCT (Advanced Cosmetic Procedures). Prior to specialising in aesthetics Derna worked Virgin Atlantic providing beauty treatments to its first class and celebrity passengers, so you can be sure of outstanding attention to detail and service. Derna can help you achieve vibrant healthy skin with our medi-facials or tighten loose sagging skin with our EndyMed treatments. She also has over 10 years experience in working with lasers.

ITEC, City & Guilds, ACP, VTCT, CIBTAC
Stephanie Binikos

Stephanie Binikos

Winner of Aesthetician of the Year 2015 at the Scottish Medical Cosmetic and The Herald LOOK Awards. Stephanie is highly skilled in laser hair, pigmentation and tattoo removal; IPL skin rejuvenation; and is a STEREX Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner for treating skin blemishes.

Stephanie is currently studying to become a nurse and loves helping our patients achieve smooth, hair and blemish free skin that is firm and radiant.


How do I find out if this treatment is suitable for me?

Simply arrange a 30 minute consultation with our practitioners who will examine your concern, check your medical history and then recommend an appropriate treatment plan whilst explaining cost options, expected outcomes and any associated risks.
As our practitioners perform the consultations, and not sales staff, we charge £25 to £50 for each consultations to cover the costs. This means you get honest advice from which you can make an informed decision and are never pressured into making a decision.

How to do I check that the clinic is a safe and professional treatment provider?

The team and clinic is annually inspected by Healthcare Improvement Scotland who regulate independent hospitals, hospices and clinics in Scotland. The inspections examine our team, treatments and clinical environment, so that you have the invaluable assurance that you are in safe hands that use safe products in a safe environment.