PRP Hair Treatments

PRP is an excellent preventative treatment for thinning hair and to delay hair loss.

The PRP is injected into your scalp, where it strengthens and stimulates your hair follicles to promote thicker fuller hair. Typically 3 treatments are required to maintain your hair and 6 to encourage growth. So, you will need an initial course of 3-6 treatments. We recommended a maintenance treatment every 6 months.

As the PRP treatment works with the natural growth cycle of your hair follicles, you will see results 6 months after the last treatment.

You will experience redness, tenderness and slight bleeding on the scalp after treatment which will resolve in 48 hours. Post treatment you must not wash your hair until the following day and cannot use hair styling products for 48 hours. The appearance of your hair during this period will be unattractive and you may wish to arrange time away from work or social activities.