Skin Growths & Blemishes

Unsightly skin blemishes such as spider veins, milia, skin tags and warts affect everyone's confidence and can be particularly upsetting when they appear on the face.

Our skin experts can remove your skin growths safely using advanced skin electrolysis. Unlike the traditional scalpel, often used at a GP practice, there is no risk of scarring.

Skin blemishes such as pigmentation or spider veins are best removed using IPL treatments.

Electrolysis for skin growths and blemishes

The following skin problems are safely and quickly solved with electrolysis:
Milia are tiny hard keritinised ‘pearls’ that sit just under the surface of the skin.  They vary in size from a tiny grain of sand to garden pea. The exact cause is unknown, but rich creams, too much Vitamin C and high cholesterol have all been apportioned blame. Electrolysis treatment for milia
Syringoma are little flesh coloured ‘bumps’ usually found around the lower eyelids and upper cheeks. They can have a yellowish appearance and as they heal after treatment they visibly reduce in size. Electrolysis treatment for syringoma
Skin Tags are an overgrowth of skin cells, most commonly found on areas that rub - such as necklines, underarms and skin folds. Skin Tags have a loose area of excess skin attached with a stalk and and can vary greatly in size from pinhead to broad bean. Electrolysis treatment for skin tags



Xanthelasma Palpebra are deposits of fatty materials just under the surface of the eyelids. They can look like ‘rice crispies’ on the skin and although the exact cause is unknown they are sometimes associated with higher levels of cholesterol. electrolysis treatment for xanthoma
Seborrhoeic Keratosis are a non contagious wart and are a symptom of ageing, long term sun damage and genetics. They are found on the temples, sides of face and upper body. They can vary in colour from pale yellow to a very dark brown and resemble a ‘bran flake’ that has been stuck to the skin. Electrolysis treatment fo seborrhoeic keratosis
Sebaceous Cysts are a plug of sebum contained in a sebaceous sac under the skin that is blocked by an overgrowth of the surface epidermis.  They vary in size dramatically and appear most commonly on the face, chest, scalp and back. electrolysis treatment for sebaceous cysts
Cherry Angioma are clusters of tiny capillaries that form small round domes on the skin's surface. They range in colour from bright red to purple. Initially a tenth of a millimeter in diameter and almost flat, appearing as small red dots, they usually grow to about 1-2 mm and sometimes to a centimeter. electrolysis treatment for cherry angioma
Warts are small, non-cancerous, quite contagious growths caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus. Electrolysis treatment for warts