Pigmentation, Melasma, Age Spots & Freckles

We treat many patients with patchy or mottled pigmentation caused by sun damage in their youth. Plus we help patients with age spots and freckles on the face, hands and body. Our treatments include chemical peels, fractional skin resurfacing, laser or IPL treatments and skin care - with the best results often involving a combination in a treatment plan.

Chemical peels for pigmentation

TCA chemical peels are extremely good at treating pigmentation and melasma on the face. The peels will brighten and even your skin tone, whilst lightening and diminishing your pigmentation. In addition the peels will reduce any fine lines and improve skin texture.
Skin peels are typically used to lift the upper layers of sun damage over the whole face. However, the peels may have significant downtime depending on the depth of pigmentation that is being treated.
Typically treatments will take 30-45 minutes. While a course is not necessary - further laser or IPL treatments maybe required to target specific spots.

Laser and IPL pigmentation treatments

Our Candela laser and EXCELIGHT® IPL can treat brown age spots, also known as “liver spots”, freckles and many brown birthmarks on the hands and body. Lasers are good at reducing or removing smaller targeted pigmentation from the deeper dermal layers while the IPL is good for treating more superficial pigmentation over wider areas.

EndyMed Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The EndyMed FSR uses advanced radiofrequency for fractional skin resurfacing with minimal downtime.  This treatment is perfect for treating freckles and mild skin pigmentation on the face, neck or decollete. 
Using radiofrequency intense heat spots are delivered, in rapid bursts, to the epidermis to create microdots. The microdots stimulate the natural healing response to create fresh new skin thus softening and brightening the skin whilst removing freckles.
As this treatment uses your skin's natural ability to heal, you won't see the full effects of the treatments until the end of your course. You will, however, start to see an improvement after just a few weeks.


Georgina had a lot of sun damage going back to her childhood in Spain. Amazing results were achieved using skin care, a TCA peel and laser treatments.

Skin peel and laser pigmentation treatment

Key facts about our pigmentation treatments

  • You require a consultation prior to booking a treatment which takes 30 mins and costs £25 to determine the best solution for your pigmentation.
  • During the treatment plan you will need to protect your skin with SPF 50 and avoid intense sunlight - so holidays to hot climates during this period is not appropriate.


Georgina's TCA skin peel removed her age spots & pigmentation.

Georgina's skin peel

"I had some spots and sun damage, and I hated them! My experience has been brilliant.....my skin looks younger, smoother and many of the spots have disappeared. I feel more confident about myself and I am very happy." Treatment performed by Stephanie.
TCA chemical peel before and after photos